GENNIUS All Weather Pergolas

GENNIUS All Weather Pergolas

The GENNIUS range of all weather pergolas really brings outdoor living to it’s ultimate expression. Whatever size your outdoor space GENNIUS pergola has something to fit.

Available in a complete range of styles and colours GENNIUS pergolas are made of extruded Aluminium with a motorised canopy that can be closed either manually* by remote control.

GENNIUS pergola comes in a number of configurations with choice available in every area:

Size – size is our most versatile configuration as all our outdoor structures are made to order in Italy and can be made to millimetre tolerances, so if you have a unique space you want to utilise, it will always be possible.

Profile (frame) sizes including guide rails and posts – either 6cm x 11cm or 9.5cm x 13cm for larger structures or just a more solid look.

Top rails – with side rails that protrude at the front for a classic pergola look or a smooth profile for a contemporary look.

Colour – pergolas are generally available in four colours, black/brown/white/champagne with a larger range of options for the motorised canopy.

Accessories – we say accessories but these are the things that bring GENNIUS to life and make outdoor living 365 days a year truly possible – Remote controlled lighting to make night time use a reality, integrated speakers to create a wonderful ambience that includes the functionality to plug the speakers into your mobile device, integrated heating for Spring, Autumn and Winter, Remote controlled Sun screens to shade you, and frameless glass doors to make your GENNIUS All Weather pergola totally weatherproof and available 365 days a year.

GENNIUS All Weather pergolas, a real alternative to conventional conservatories, more cost effective, lower running costs and no building work** required.

*some models require a motor

**can be erected on any level patio or appropriate level decking structure



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